Residential + Heritage

Regency Kings Castle

Oakville, Ontario

Reimagining and reclaiming;
Nesting and transforming;
Master with ensuite and dressing room;
Mezzanine, catwalk, balconies, wall unit



Project Overview

The design introduces a sympathetic modern aesthetic by carefully balancing the play of salvaged and traditional building materials such as reclaimed wood studs and traditional plaster with modern building materials such as glass and steel.

The design included the following program:

  • Master bedroom with ensuite and dressing room
  • Reading mezzanine and catwalk
  • Two balconies at each floor level
  • Bringing more natural light and taking advantage of the views was important to the Owner. To achieve the light and views two balconies, one on each floor were cut into the roof structure.

    We are now beginning design of a new kitchen and entertainment space on the ground floor. Working with the existing floor plans we are re-imagining the spaces.

    Our Process + Design

    Collaborators, Resources

    Martin C Vendryes Woodworking;
    LPC Construction;
    Kevin Karst Design;
    DDM Lighting


    Contact Us

    321 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 206 Toronto, ON M4M 2S1 647.346.4800